Cloud7 Residence at Ayla Oasis

Meet the owner

Sirin Masri

Sirin Sabih Masri, is the creative mastermind behind Ayla Oasis Development; Aqaba’s latest destination and Jordan’s newest jewel, and the founder of Al Najwa Interior Design Studio; a young and dynamic boutique establishment based in Jordan, specialized in the creation of unique design experiences.

What's Ayla Oasis?

Ayla Oasis, a game-changing waterfront development situated along Jordan’s Red Sea coast is a trend-setting ‘bleisure’ destination that provides residents and guests a secluded location to work, relax, socialize, and exercise with modern architecture, state-of-the-art facilities and multiple options for entertainment and dining.

Brand and Marketing Director, pre-opening GM for Cloud7 Ayla Aqaba

Meet Antony Doucet

Since the birth of the group, Antony has been involved, and led, the development of all 100% owned brands. He has been part of the opening of Hyatt Park Paris, editor of the Louis Vuitton City guide and has always been responsible for community build. One of Antony’s focus points is building communities and connecting people, which is essential to deliver successful mixed-use products

Cloud7 at Ayla Oasis

Cloud7 Residence Ayla Aqaba

Cloud7 Residence is a new gem in the spectacular lifestyle destination Ayla Resort, that welcomes the next generation of travellers and guests seeking unique experiences right in the heart of Aqaba’s dynamic community.