Leading the way for women in Saudi Arabia: Maria Bou Eid, The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard

Maria Bou Eid is one of a new wave of women leading hotels in Saudi Arabia, an exciting time as the Kingdom is in the midst of Saudi Vision 2030, a massive economic development program designed to diversify away from fossil fuels with the aim to make tourism account for 10 percent of the GDP by 2030.

A hospitality professional who joined the industry over 15 years ago after getting a degree in hotel management, Maria has held a range of roles with small, family businesses as well as big hospitality chains in Lebanon, Qatar, and the Gulf. In her current role with Kerten Hospitality, as General Manager of The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard, Maria oversees the organization’s lifestyle destination, which includes a 114-room hotel and 14 food and beverage outlets, and has become a hub for the community since its opening in September 2021. A key player in a league of women elevating each other and the hospitality space in Saudi Arabia, we chat with Maria about her fascinating career and the shifting role of women in the Gulf.

Read the article with Maria Bou Eid here: https://www.hertelier.com/post/leading-the-way-for-women-in-saudi-arabia-maria-bou-eid-the-house-hotel-jeddah-city-yard

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