Meet Chef Jaume

Michelin star Chef Jaume Puigdengolas is the creator of Kerten Hospitality’s portfolio of F&B concepts. He has been Head Chef in numerous restaurants in Spain and has a vast experience in the Middle East. A psychologist graduate, Chef Jaume traces his steps in the culinary world to the early childhood days around the kitchen table when he helped his parents prepare the family meals.

Today, when he is not busy in the kitchen creating fusions of global tastes inspired by multiple travels abroad, he likes to visit the local market and deliver on the quest for local products. Creative explorer of the real true healthy product, Jaume would not accept a perfect Instagrammable dish but a pure palate feast. Jaume is a talented modern cook with brave ideas and a very humble attitude. He attended Hofmann Culinary School in his native Barcelona, and started his career in 2007 at a two-star Michelin restaurant.