It’s the age of the connected traveler who values their time as well as the experiences they have when they travel - whether for business or leisure. It is a fast-paced world, where you need a way in which to manage and enjoy your lifestyle in an efficient manner. This is why Kerten Hospitality advocates connecting its boutique hotel, residential, F&B and co-working concepts as much as possible - all to provide a perfect balance in the community in which it is located, seamlessly integrating into its users’ work and social lives.

By combining several concepts in a mixed-use development, the project will be serviced and controlled by a single management company, providing the landlord with consistency, with all operations managed seamlessly.

Find out more about our individualized and personalized service offering below:

We know that different demographics and catchment areas need a variety of offerings.
So whether it is The House Hotel or a Cloud7, we bring the power of our brands to the larger development,
adding credibility and consistency, along with a dollop of urban cool to the project. What this translates into is
profitability for the investors - from the desirability of the brand through to the adjoining property often
gaining a 20% premium due to the presence of the hotel brand.

Traditional office spaces and cubicles are increasingly a thing of the past, and independent work spaces
is what people are asking for. Mixed-use developments provide the opportunity for full-time employees as well
as independent workers to engage with one another, collaborate, and create new ideas. We go beyond just co-working
spaces though. We work on office building management, serviced offices, and events where we connect people
on a business level. This follows the real world trend of housing demand in “live, work, connect” environments to enhance quality of life.
Corporations and independent workers alike are looking for places where people can walk to a cafe, hotel lobby, a spa, or gym,
or connect with clients. We offer that space.

Whether a business traveler or a discerning resident, our serviced apartment and residences cater to the
need to connect with the local population. So whether you are living out your private life or your work life,
we expose our guests to the community in seamless way - Kerten Hospitality has translated its hotel brands
to the serviced apartment and residence market. Pick from either The House Hotel or Cloud7, where we will reliably
manage the properties and carefully tend of the need of each resident with individualized services that will make
life easier every day. And in more revenue-generating opportunities, you can combine these with
a co-working space, a hotel, or a restaurant

A profitable revenue generator - if done correctly - is food & beverage. Kerten Hospitality truly believes in flexibility
which translates to the projects we undertake. We either hand-pick existing brands that fit the space, or develop
a tailored F&B concept - all of which helps create different attraction points within a project. What is also great
about what we do is that our concepts are ‘plug-in’ that can either function as standalone operations or fit
within an existing space - all of which maximizes revenue and delivers the optimal guest journey.
An example of what we have created is the premium Frikadell burger chain, a franchise concept
that can be a standalone dine-in or takeaway location, or can be part of a mixed-use development.


Bringing Life to Existing Buildings

While industry pundits always speak of getting a hotel operator signed on to a project at building stage, the reality of the market is that sometimes existing buildings are converted into hotels. This strategy can economically benefit building owners, developers, and investors. What’s important is a well-executed renovation project that combines the right aesthetic and architectural elements with clever back-of-house planning. All of this can result in a profitable investment.

How can Kerten Hospitality help you achieve this? Here is where our flexible approach helps you get the best results. Our brand standards give you accurate guidelines for the minimum expected level of quality and standards, without restricting your creativity, the building structure, and the market requirements. Flexibility, adaptability, fit for purpose, and ROI are the words mostly associated with our approach.

Pairing our seasoned professionalism with refreshed enthusiasm on every project, we can help you convert your space into an exciting and commercially lucrative project that will fit right into the community in which it exists and elevate it to the next level.


As an investor or an owner, you have many operators to choose from. So why pick us? The current hospitality market is increasingly crowded and extremely competitive. The travel & tourism market now accounts for 10.4% of the world’s GDP and 313 million jobs according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, which means that the pressure is on to work with people who will help you capture this highly lucrative market. This is where we come in.

Kerten Hospitality is an international company whose team members pack together many years of experience, with a strong corporate portfolio of boutique brands which complement each other. We currently operate in key countries in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Africa. With Kerten Hospitality, the opportunities are endless.

These are just some of the reasons why you should work with us - and there are many more, so get in touch!

  • Our partnership with Design Hotels means our brands have access to 110M bookable Marriott Rewards Members - including those that have been included after the Marriott/Starwood merger
  • Benefit from the pooled experiences of our international team of hospitality and business professionals, who are organised in a lean management style leading to quick and efficient decisions being taken
  • We are, quite literally, your one stop for turnkey and all-in-one unique solutions for your entire project, which also means that we provide hands-on and timely support, resulting in profitability for everyone involved
  • We employ technology not just for technology’s sake, but to enhance guest experience. There is a reason behind everything we do.


The hospitality business is all about partnerships. Our approach isn’t simply about a new project to our name, but is all about the relationships we form. These partnerships are for the long-term, and are ones where both parties are satisfied as well as prosperous. When we do sign on a new project, we look for one of the following:

  • Existing hotels, offices or restaurants - open or closed - to rebrand
  • Existing buildings
  • New build projects
  • Prime, or up-and-coming locations


The Latest in Hospitality Trends

The current generation of travelers don’t travel to see more of the same thing. They travel to experience new cultures, learn about local customs, and have an authentic experience. This extends through to the hotel experience and how that transcends beyond the room but to the community and neighbourhood in which the building sits. This forms the basis of everything Kerten Hospitality does: we bring the community and the brand together to create an atmosphere of engagement and inspiration. Here is also where flexibility is a factor: while we have brand and design ideals, we don’t force identical standards across different neighborhoods. We stand out by becoming one with the community.

Be inspired with us across all our brands:

The House Hotel & Residence: The House Hotel & Residence buildings are distinctive, they often always tell a story, and are at one with their surroundings. Each location has a well-defined sense of identity that is connected to the heart of the local community. Besides hosting local and foreign events, the brand comes to life by integrating the neighborhood through its interior design.

Cloud7 Hotels & Residence: Our interactive sleep-meet-eat hubs bring our neighborhood to the guests so they get to really live like a local through our unique ‘Meet the Locals’ platform, locally sourced natural and healthy food and drink, interactive displays from emerging local artists and engaging community initiatives.

Frikadell: One burger doesn’t fit all, so our offering with Frikadell allows guests to order a burger their own way using our in-house technology and application - letting guests create their own experience.

Ouspace: We recognized that the culture of work has undergone a transformation, and we took the serviced office and co-working market to the next level. Ouspace creates supportive work environments that encourage solo as well as collaborative projects, allowing guests to work no matter where they are.