The original meaning of ‘Frikadell’ comes from the German word for hamburger. Our concept is based on components we will never compromise on: funky and trendy design combined with home-made, high-quality burgers, made using locally sourced fresh products for the toppings and sauces.

In addition to our firm stance on quality of products, there are two elements that make our concept stand out from the rest. The app is the first: with this, the customer can tailor their burger by choosing their bun, meat, toppings and sauces. There are no restrictions so customers can control the ordering process. The second differentiator is the box in which we deliver the burger. This is the next step in burger delivery, where the bun, meat and toppings are kept separately until the time you are ready to eat. Once you are, simply pull out the shelves and the pieces falls into place - meaning your ingredients stay fresh and it makes for a great Instagram moment!

Our burgers are lovingly created in a state-of-the-art production kitchen, from which everything is created in-house and delivered to Frikadell outlets - ensuring simplicity for the owners, and consistency of taste and experience for the customers.



We couldn’t find a good homemade burger anywhere, one with a crunchy bun, a choice of sauces, and prepared quickly. So...we decided to do it ourselves. We took the traditional gourmet burger, mixed it with a healthy dollop of tech-savvy experiences, and brought Frikadell to life.

A team of international chefs was gathered together with some of the most innovative IT developers, and combined with the passion and energy of the founding company (and a lot of burger tasting) the team did it – Frikadell was born, ready to bring the fast food scene to a new level.