Kerten Hospitality is a division of Ireland-based Kerten, a private and independent investment firm dedicated to creating value and profitable growth.
We are committed to being a part of and developing the future of hospitality with our forward-thinking and innovative ideas, and creating concepts that will become a hub for travelers, residents, adventure enthusiasts, and people at work alike.


Connectivity runs through everything we do – we focus on mixed-use projects because we believe it’s possible to live, work, and play in harmony with the environment. We address all projects with a boutique mindset and new ways of management; size doesn’t matter, our creative spirit does.

Our commitment to the future goes beyond what's on the surface. We remain focused on managing and opening unique properties, each with a real story and connection to the local community and culture, including targeting local employment in our hotels where possible.

Our goal is to enhance neighborhoods and work with our partners to provide an enjoyable space for communities to live, work and play - all these provide authentic experiences that the latest generation of traveler is looking for.


Kerten has ongoing investments across 20 different business sectors in 16 different countries. The sectors we have invested in are diverse, including Agriculture, Construction, Finance, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Real Estate and many Service Orientated Businesses among others.

Kerten is unique in that it has no third party capital, affording us independence so that we can fully align with and best respond to all our stakeholders' needs.