Kerten Hospitality’s brands are expanding rapidly on a global scale. Our hotels cater to multiple yet targeted markets across mid-market through to five-star brands. Every single brand and style is tailored to their location and customer profile - showing we know our markets with extreme precision.

Cloud7 offers a convenient way of traveling for the ‘young-at-heart’ traveler, with services backed by technology, and The House Hotel brand is about the five-star service with exquisite interior designs while still offering a local touch. Both these brands translate through to residences and serviced apartment concepts where the original ethos of each idea is translated to a new model.

We also take our strong beliefs of connecting communities with our brands beyond hotels and serviced residences. Ouspace provides an inspirational environment for users to work, connect, network and motivate each other, while collaborating to achieve desired results. This ecosystem is one that all our visitors love.

We continued to create more connections: What better way to bring people together than through food? Our tech-savvy F&B brand, Frikadell, brings more to the table than just a full stomach. It offers both delicious food and a great place for people to come together and hang out.


  • A specialist team with decades of combined experience that can provide hands-on and effective assistance from the planning phase through to the execution and running of the project
  • Definitive design and brand guidelines for each property
  • Well-established brands which have the flexibility to fit each individual project, location, and owner
  • In-depth knowledge of your target audience, and the know-how of connecting with them
  • The ability to offer multiple concepts in one project, which can be streamlined through their operations
  • Immediate savings on costs of developing your own brand and optimized pricing strategies