Our brands, mix & match

Our Mixed-Use value proposition creates vibrant lifestyle destinations combining residing, working, staying, dining and retail all in a single building or development where we assist with the planning of the most commercially savvy combination of all components and brand and operate them on behalf of the owner bringing profitable return on investment. Our mix of brands, whether combined or standalone contribute to a location’s sustainability, efficiency and wellness.

The House Hotel

An award-winning luxury boutique brand, for prime locations and special assets or buildings that tell a story and have a focus on localised interior hotel designs, where tailored experiences can be created. Building size and facilities are flexible depending on the location, surroundings and an owner’s vision.

The House Residence

Provides a living surrounded by design and offering the comfort of hotel services, elevating lifestyle while reducing time-wasters. Whether for the long- or short-term, the aim of the brand is to create wholesome communities, through the use of ground floor and roof top spaces complemented by other services, (our) other brands in addition to local collaborations.

Cloud 7 Hotels

Our mid-market lifestyle concept, focused on creating a great sleeping and showering experience, does not lay emphasis on the unit size. The time of ground floor lobbies to check-in is over and is being substituted by the growing trend for reception-less welcome areas replaced by other concept and retail collaborations, sharing and maximising the use of every m2 to maximise footfall all day long. Choice of services could be limited or extensive, thus providing strong ROI. This is the concept that allows for a multitude to exist easily and fit for 2nd and 3rd tier locations.

Cloud 7 Residence

The Cloud7 Residences merges design, technology and local branding elements creating a space for the well-connected and social guest. The promise to owners is that Cloud7 Residences are based on affordable built and fit-out which maximizes space and creates cosy, efficient, modern and well-designed environment for residents.

Ouspace Serviced Offices

This is the service office concept that can be “plugged” into any un-used spaces in any asset type. Ouspace brings together entrepreneurial people at work, in smaller private offices, creating business hubs. This concept can become part of any of our concepts above or below, or could fit in any of your current existing projects. What is key is: The edge for Ouspace in Office buildings, or using Ouspace for the revamp of your current private office environment, the  community build, and working connections. We “Power by Ouspace” if you want to surround yourself with complementing businesses all managed and run by us.

Our food & beverages brands

Any of our F&B brands can be taken as a master franchise creating a great opportunity for entrepreneurial support in developing countries. This is one of the reasons why our aspirational brands are growing rapidly around the globe, creating employment.

Munch and Go

A Grab & Go concept, that brings together the “best of” from a city or offers a homemade selection of salads, drinks and sandwiches or the best fresh and casual food.  The concept’s outlet could range from 5m2 up to 100+m2 with the option to add delivery for a wide range of products with our Sous vide concept for a wide range of products.

Frikadell Burgers

Merges traditional gourmet burger with an innovative app, allowing every diner to create their own bespoke burger. A concept that can easily be franchised, and run in a multitude of small locations, great for municipalities and governments to collaborate on and to create employment opportunities and support first-time business owners.

Food Souk

A concept that brings together multiple existing or new brands and maximises the rent per m2 by offering smaller spaces to rent with services being offered centrally thus creating an opportunity for less upfront investment for F&B brand owners, while maximising the intake per m2 and promoting constant change. A concept that has the support of our Executive Chef every step of the way until brought to success.


An exquisite Brasserie based on a Spanish-themed sharing-food concept.


Unique Charcoal semi-open kitchen concept serving a variety of Charcoal grills in an interactive atmosphere setting.

Nyssa Beach

A ladies-only beach club concept offering an all-day entertainment, leisure, retail and wellness offerings.


A premium gelato concept founded and managed by women which offers local artisan flavours adapted to every location.

Meet Chef Jaume Puigdengolas

Michelin-starred Chef Jaume Puigdengolas, a creator of Food & Beverage concepts, has a philosophy based on local products, simplicity, training local talent and tailoring the offering to the local taste. Below is our portfolio of F&B brands. If you envision that we could tailor a concept just for you, then connect and we will have a look.

Michelin-starred chef Jaume Puigdengolas

Meet Federica Polato

Federica has lived in the world’s 5 biggest cities on 4 continents: Madrid, London, New York, Tokyo and Dubai. She started her career in banking but soon turned to the world of food, which till date has remained her real passion. She has worked for high-end Italian brands Eataly and Grom, il gelato come una volta where, for the past 10 years, contributing to their expansion strategy, launch and spearhead the entry into new geographies from the Far East to the West.

She started Polato Consulting: a Boutique consultancy agency focused on expansion beyond borders of food concept chains and FMCG retail products. Part of her income she provides to fund projects which support women empowerment through entrepreneurship.