The destinations we build and the concepts we launch have a PURPOSE and share the same values:

Locality, Inclusivity, Sustainability, Innovation, Meaningful Collaborations, Community Building and Youth Empowerment. 

At Kerten Hospitality, ESG is not a one-time act or corporate goal but rather, UBBU portrays a deep company culture and commitment to the environment, our people, and our communities.

Positively impacting our local communities with a heightened stakeholder engagement, care for the environment and social advocacy.

We place an important focus on including and involving all stakeholders in aligning with local governments, country visions, sustainable development goals, community needs and increasing guests’ involvement. 

is connected to the strong, delicate, and social butterfly.

Reflecting our approach in that sometimes actions may be small, limited, seeming insignificant, but when united together, they can ultimately have a great impact, and cause global chain reactions. 

is connected to the strong, delicate, and social butterfly.

Reflecting our approach in that sometimes actions may be small, limited, seeming insignificant, but when united together, they can ultimately have a great impact, and cause global chain reactions. 

With the focus on locality, in ensuring adaptivity and unique tailoring’s, managers and UBBU teams strategize specifically to meet their destination ESG needs to maintain local relevance. 

With a strong belief in inclusivity, we encourage and motivate all owners, managers, and teams, to drive and fully integrate this initiative throughout their properties, operations, and communities.  

We source locally, we recruit local talent, we support local causes, we support local businesses, we connect guests to local communities and cultures, and we develop local communities aligned with their ESG needs.

True to our pillars in building trusted, long-term partnerships in the destinations we operate, we allied with some of the leading organizations to ensure a more sustainable hospitality industry.  

One of the first businesses and properties in KSA to gain a partnership with the world’s leading proponent for responsible investment. 

Joined amongst some of the top hospitality industry’s leaders, we have set a united aim to redefine sustainability, setting an industry pathway to net positive including all properties at every stage and level of their sustainable transition.

C-Suite world panellist sharing sustainability / community knowledge and best practices with industry professionals, consultants & scientific experts.

Building a company culture along the lines of safety, respect, care, and empowerment for all.  

We have organically become a culturally diverse, age diversified, youth empowered with a gender inclusive and balanced executive team. With a female CEO, female GM’s, first female concierge in KSA at THHJ, a high number of female executives and team members. 

Along with a culturally, gender balanced team, at Kerten Hospitality we thrive on the opportunities provided to the next generation of industry professionals. Our internship opportunities have allowed students to complete university requirements and rapidly grow and progress within the company. 

Co-Chair of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge – Through the support of the industry’s C-Level executives, we help connect the next generation of game-changers with the investment community. Seeing innovation projects come to fruition is one of the most rewarding parts of our journey in supporting students and youths. 

Business Internships, Hospitality Trainings, offered within all destinations we operate in and remoteship opportunities. 

We foster socioeconomic growth through meaningful ally-ships on the ground of our projects. We partner with human capital development programs in the GCC to help address skillset gaps by providing hands-on experience, sharing knowledge and expertise through partnerships.

We set standards for each project, ensuring sustainable adaptations in pushing the boundaries on efficient buildings & operations while being mindful of cost efficiency, awareness and in making an overall sustainable investment. We are motivating foreign investments in complying with changing, global sustainable expectations. 

Tiana has been immersed in the hospitality business since young, with strong connections and values rooted in the community, integrating local culture, and uplifting local people within the hospitality industry. 

With an academic & professional background in Hospitality Management, Tiana has completed her Masters Degree and Thesis which was focused on accelerating ESG in the hospitality industry; having a unique focus on the locality aspect and social sustainability. 

Tiana has curated the UBBU Strategy from the ground up in identifying standards, proposing guidelines, and initiatives, to drive sustainability  from within building procedures, through to operations, community activation, team motivation and guest inclusion. Further adapting and localizing strategies with UBBU Teams on ground in properties to better suit community and property needs. 

Lisa has Italian and Swiss roots and has traveled around the world, living in nine countries. Kicking off her career with a degree in hotel management, her trajectory shifted towards sustainability, social impact, and innovation through a master’s program. She is passionate about change and replacing outdated practices with dynamic, sustainable ideas and products. She loves creating impactful social projects and immersing herself in new cultures, all driven by a simple mission: to make a positive impact both locally and globally.