Historic Gem

Our Unique Projects in Georgia

Four unique destinations have the purpose to grow strong collaborations and connect to the Neighbourhoods in each location…

The strategic partnership with Design Hotels ensures that the focus is on extraordinary brands with original hotels that will continue to revolutionize hospitality and ensure today’s travelers with a purpose have checked in the right place.

Meet the Owner

Jemal Inaishvili

Jemal Inaishvili is the largest collector of contemporary art in Georgia. He served as a president of SRCIC and was also a member of the ICC World Chamber Federation General Council. He is the man behind the three projects that will give a new edge to the hospitality space in the country where he is also a partner in the world’s second largest shipping company: MSC. 

Tourism in Georgia

Georgia’s capital is positioned on the global map as Europe’s top design destination and the place where historic buildings’ architecture, fashion and gastronomy go hand in hand. In Tbilisi, hotels turn into cultural hubs, hosting events and workshops with internationally renowned artists, writers, architects, and designers making it a destination for arts and culture lovers as well.

Our Four Projects in Georgia

This is where we create transformational collaborations that support entrepreneurship and the neighbourhood’s value chain, whilst connecting the local and international communities through curated events in four unique destinations built with a Purpose. Our rich event calendar of curated events, local talent interactions and ESG initiatives will create memorable experiences.

The House Hotel Old Tbilisi, with rooms hand-painted by a Georgian artist, has become the spot for art and culinary explorations.

The Ouspace mixed-use project in Tbilisi is expected to become the business hub in Vake and The House Hotel Kvareli, part of the Kvareli Estate resort will attract and upskill the local, regional and national creative community, to inspire creative collaborations and to encourage repeated visits to the destination where the transformative power of arts is cultivated in the resort’s gallery and Vineyard. 

Cloud7 Poti in Georgia is a ‘re-imagined’ space located right next to a popular natural park in the city. It aims to become a hub for business travellers, visitors, crews and the government to collaborate within a historical destination.



A mixed-use project and lifestyle destination featuring a coworking space, upscale F&B concepts, boutique rooms and serviced apartments, and a stunning rooftop



The Business & Social Hub in town, Cloud7 Poti in Georgia will be a ‘re-imagined’ space located right next to a popular natural park