Social Impact

All destinations we build and concepts we launch have a PURPOSE and share the same set of values: Locality, Sustainability, Innovation, impactful collaborations and ecosystem build with a focus on empowering the community.

Sustainability beyond CSR

We Reimagine the Hospitality space by transforming a location with a focus on the locality, empowerment of the whole Ecosystem and through the encouragement of innovations for a cleaner Planet that build communities with better well-being.

We create destinations by crafting impactful brand collaborations and strategic partnerships. Bringing the next generation of hospitality leaders from the world’s leading Top Tier universities to compete in a sustainability challenge to present innovative projects to the investment community has been an evolutionary journey with an impact for all involved in this game-changing initiative.  

ESG-driven Impact

The 2020 context of sustainability has prompted a rethink on partnerships that encompass ESG and have a real impact. True to our pillar to ensure sustainable marketplaces in the destinations we operate, we allied with the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment: the world’s leading proponent for responsible investment.

Generation Z

As a Co-Chair of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge – a Global Sustainability & Innovation competition between the Top Tier  hospitality schools mentored, judged and supported by the industry’s C-Level executives, we help connect the game-changers of tomorrow with the investment community. Seeing innovation projects come to fruition is one of the most rewarding parts of our journey in supporting the drivers of change in their quest for a greener, cleaner, empowered and entrepreneurial future.

We embrace mentorship. We are contributors to Women in Hospitality (WiH) Global – a global best-in-class community who believe that collaboration can bring more inclusive and diverse hospitality.  

Contributors to Upskilling Human Capital

In order to support the next generation of hospitality leaders, we launched a remote internship “Remote-ship” which has helped students meet their graduation requirements when the world came to a halt in 2020. Today, our award-winning Remoteship welcomes students from the best global hospitality schools who own, lead and implement their vision and contribute to our pipeline growth.  

We support socioeconomic growth through meaningful ally-ships on the ground of our projects. We partner with human capital development programmes in the GCC to help address skillset gaps by providing hands-on experience, sharing knowledge and expertise through partnerships with public-private entities. Our Micheline-starred team of Chefs helps nurture local talents and help them in their new career roles.

Business Development Manager

Meet Theo Bortoluzzi

Business Development Manager with over two years’ experience in the sector. Currently, Theo is overlooking the company’s entire development in the European region as well as assisting the team with financial statements. A graduate of the Hospitality school Les Roche in Marbella Spain, Theo has been instrumental in the growth of the Business development taskforce in the organisation, leading the team of young interns as part of the company Remoteship. He spearheaded projects in Europe that help support distressed properties and the larger hospitality space. He was recently recongised in the most promising 30Under30 Young leaders in the industry.

Sustainability and People Culture Coordinator

Another Gen Z Member, Tiana

Tiana Amann is a hospitality management masters student based in Germany with a professional background and bachelor’s in hospitality and destination management. Being born and raised in The Bahamas, Tiana shares a passion for hospitality operations and community development and is eager to combine her knowledge in the industry, sustainability, and community work. For the past 2 years, Tiana assisted in starting a non-profit in The Bahamas geared on fighting climate change and promoting community involvement through backyard and community parks agricultural developments. Tiana has joined KH to work on further integrating sustainability and ESG practices into the business developments. She finds that the key to a successful hotel business is a thriving surrounding ecosystem, incorporating local cultures and communities, and valuable partnerships.