A call to move gender diversity from female fight to industry fight

In industry leadership panel provides a response to the question: Why is gender diversity at the top still a challenge?

Here is Marloes Knippenberg’s viewpoint: The glass ceiling in our industry depicts an overarching problem pan-regions, cultures and countries. Being a woman CEO in our industry, a space traditionally and predominantly occupied by male executives, for me, has not been a challenge but created an incredible opportunity to lead by example and to drive change. Here are the numbers: 95% of our executive team are women, we have just opened a mixed-use property in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of a woman General Manager. Our property that has opened in Aqaba in the heart of the pandemic is also led by a woman at the helm. BUT they weren’t chosen because they are both women, they were just a great fit for the role. I believe in this conversation, we should all, men and women take responsibility, in a practical manner.

Read the full panel discussion here: https://www.hospitalitynet.org/panel/125000124.html

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