GenZ in the GCC choose the Kerten Hospitality brands

Unique, trendy mixed-use projects cater to tech-savvy entrepreneurs, create a sustainable lifestyle

April 10, RAS AL KHAIMAH: Disruptive development mindsets that empower individuals and companies alike and create business hubs in sustainable communities by delivering on the lifestyle expectations of the tech-savvy resident is what we seek to apply in any mixed-use development project, says Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, who was a speaker at the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference held in Ras Al-Khaimah (April 9 -11). As part of a presentation focused on blended real estate solutions for living, she shared insights on the importance to understand the opportunity and need for mixed-use developments for the future as they provide for the living and working needs of Generation Z.

“Our fast-paced world requires a rethink of how smart we do things. The closeness of your residential unit to the co-working space you can rent On-Demand provides comfort, reduces the carbon footprint and builds strong local communities.,” Knippenberg says elaborating that GenZ, purported to be half of the population in the Middle East region, are a primary beneficiary of such a lifestyle trend.

How can a single operator of mega development projects change the environment we live in? Kerten Hospitality, a hospitality operator and a regional leader in mixed-use projects, has crafted end-to-end solutions that enrich neighborhoods, allow investors to utilize land more efficiently and pioneer walkable communities where an office is in close proximity to the residential space, favorite restaurants, kindergarten and a cycling path, for instance. By creating plugging-in concepts that cater to the whole ecosystem, Kerten Hospitality capitalizes on the demand for more comfortable living, ease of doing things, efficiency and Return on Investment for developers.

In Knippenberg’s words, this is the formula for creating smaller residential units for GenZ-ers that are more affordable and are situated in a tech-enabled community they would love to belong to. By working closely with owners from the initial design through the build and fit-out to create a dream project, and maximize on space and investment, Kerten Hospitality offers concept development customized to the local communities in addition to a blend of all the Kerten brands: luxurious hotel and residence, serviced apartments, co-working business clubs, gourmet burger and an ever-growing portfolio of F&B concepts.