Circularity: The sustainable hospitality frontier?

Circularity would be a solution addressing the “single use nature” in the hospitality industry that is essentially ‘the killer’ for all things sustainable. What we collectively need to seek are the options and innovations that allow us to re-use, re-package and re-purpose products.

Secondly, we must ensure that they are coming from and returning to a supply chain within each ecosystem and community we have properties in. Projects that are centred around their community can address the issue of waste management locally in finding a shift towards more efficient waste practices, and reusable materials that are all sourced from the Neighbourhood.

It all starts with sourcing local, supporting local and ensuring the supply chain is vetted to ensure smart waste management around our properties, argues Marloes Knippenberg in a latest contribution to a C-Suite panel published by HospitalityNet.

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Image Source: Depositphotos