Decarbonisation and biodiversity restoration are two sides of the same coin, but are we acting accordingly?

Our industry has the opportunity to become the Custodian of low carbon and resilient hospitality projects that are self-sustainable and focus, for instance on tangible output, argues Marloes Knippenberg in an opinion piece as part of a C-Suite sustainability-focused panel.

Exhibit A – a suppliers’ value chain within a radius of 100km will provide fresher food, easier reach and empowerment of the local businesses rather than capitalising on global producers and large chains. The only way to ensure that the industry shifts to NetZero moving forward and that the solutions are truly implementable, would require a genuine focus on Locality which will continue to evolve as a requirement for the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Prosperity. We belong to the most humane industry that brings together verticals from multiple other industries and we have the chance to SHOW and not just tell how operations, construction, events and travel habits can contribute to a greener, cleaner and healthier world.

The sustainability 2022 context rests on global partnerships of impact that bring together eco-friendly SMEs, local industry leaders and the young generation buzzing with innovation and ideas that are changing the way we perceive Planet problems. This leads me to the second actionable point: Embracing joint and collaborative work with agents of change who focus on conservation, preservation and prevention of exceeding on greenhouse resources waste and resources hyper-waste across the whole Ecosystem, rather than on a smaller isolated scale. The Planet Pivot: Going beyond the sustainability pledge, living the Brand values that synergise with sustainable pain-points in multiple diverse geographies and bringing forth an ESG-compliant mindset across organisations on the inside and outside. Introducing holistic organisation’s focus on supply chains, products, partners and initiatives would need to happen with the application of a moral compass and Action by all of us – front desk managers, boardrooms, HR trainers, internship leaders, young researchers, etc. – More on the topic here: