GM’s nuggets of wisdom on leadership, retaining talent and industry trends

Maria Bou Eid, a General Manager of The House Hotel Jeddah CityYard – a Kerten Hospitality mixed-use project in Jeddah’s upmarket business hub, shares details about her hospitality journey, the secret to leading successful teams and nurturing the young generation.

Her advice to the youth entering the industry is best summed up in her response: Be genuinely yourself, be proactive and be the added value in every person’s life whether within your professional community or your personal circle of family and friends. Simply stand out in everything you do, no matter how simple and small it is. Own and lead your projects and tasks. Become the example you want to follow. There is always a hidden value in every detail. Make sure you learn on the way up, otherwise there will be no point in all your efforts. Make it count in every step and every decision you make as you are curating your own future and your internship is going to be your first step.

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