Hospitality Supply Chains: Massive footprint or a force of good?

According to our CEO Marloes Knippenberg, the current tumultuous hospitality environment that has shaken up the industry has limelight-ed the fact that it is not mandatory to choose growth over sustainable value propositions and ESG-focused initiatives since a business can achieve both. She shared her opinion a spart of a Panel of industry experts.

She says, the key to establishing a sustainable supply chain is to focus on Locality and the empowerment of the Local supply chain across the whole Ecosystem, verticals and engaged professionals. Firstly, the key is to do a company mindset reset starting from the ups-killing programmes for teams, to furniture orders, locally-produced amenities and sourced food. And secondly, address the mindset as a core pillar, a business need that requires full dedication by all divisions that would then trickle down to guests and their contributions.

For instance, hospitality is dubbed as one of the largest food waste Ecosystems and on this front we have a lot of rethinking to do. Gone are the days of tireless buffet experiences, abundance of food waste and over-the-top varieties per meal. Now, the focus has shifted towards quality on the go with quantity taking backseat. Buffets are seated experiences, meals are ordered and tailored to palates to avoid waste and over indulgence. Farm to fork fresh produce from the local farmers markets not only support a healthier diet, but also contributes to the local business growth. This s how we make a difference – by showing we care for the people we work with, the suppliers we buy from locally and the Community of visitors, residents and guests who see how much we care. Then, they care in return.

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