Industry Talks: Disruption, Innovation and turning challenges into opportunities

The combination of disruptive mindsets, solutions-oriented personalization as well as innovative hospitality industry leadership have placed forward-thinking visionaries at the forefront of the Hospitality evolution dialogue that has taken center stage at a flagship event in Berlin this week. Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, was a panelist in a discussion called: A Brave New World: What Are the Opportunities in Alternative Models held within the framework of the three-day International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin. The panel focused on the most attractive alternatives within hotel categories to invest in times when the hotels have gone mainstream and further examined the business behind the concepts of hostels, serviced apartments, resorts, co-living, co-working, extended stay, student accommodation and more. During the forum, global industry leaders who draw the next generation of experiences for guests, hotels and businesses, have chartered the way forward, sharing a glimpse of the future. By offering solutions to challenges, Knippenberg has discussed opportunities that deliver value to the whole value chain.


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