How do you maximise RoI in real estate jointly with a lifestyle operator?

A cover article published by Europe’s real estate Union Investment Magazine explains why Mixed-Use projects are increasingly popular among developers around the world.

With viewpoints by Tim Vallance, JLL’s Head of Investor Services and Retail Chairman and Kerten Hospitality’s COO Wafik Youssef, the writer Paul Allen has discovered that success depends on precisely tailoring the offerings to customer demand where sophisticated data analytics hold the key.

At Kerten Hospitality, every piece of data that flows into its mixed-use projects is analysed to maximise the returns and efficiency of the assets in its schemes. Assets are run with a focus on the guest experience, delivering efficient operating models and maximising space to extend seasonality and improve the ROI, the writer sums up in a discussion on the transformation of the real estate sector. Read the full article here

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