In the heart of the action

It is often the likes of Red Sea Project, Diriyah Gate and NEOM that people reference when discussing the future of Saudi’s hospitality and tourism industries. While each of these giga-projects are poised to transform the Saudi economy and image immensely, the Vision to modernise the Saudi lifestyle and itineraries applies to projects big and small. Well before the 2030 finish line, House Hotel Jeddah City Yard presents modern Saudi hospitality at its finest: Artistic, authentic and relaxed.

The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard is located in an up-and-coming mixed-use lifestyle complex of the same name. The City Yard will come to have food markets, pop-up retail spaces, weekend organic markets, music and art festivals and other cultural activities. It all ties in with House Hotel’s brand, which is focused towards ‘travellers in the know’. Top read the whole article dedicated to The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard click here:

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