Kerten Hospitality expands portfolio, adds 2 Cloud7 Glamping eco-resorts in the UAE

May 17, 2021, UAE: Aligned with Kerten Hospitality’s ethos to foster a sustainability-focused growth right at the heart of local communities in global destinations, curating a project with a purpose has been pivotal for the organisation’s portfolio diversification and entry into new markets, such as Ras Al Khaimah.

Antony Doucet, Brand and Marketing Director, Kerten Hospitality said: “Taking Cloud7 brand into Glamping has been a long-term dream for us for many years. Spontaneous Living has been our motto since day 1, so launching this new offering is a genuine and natural evolution of our Cloud7 brand story. We could not imagine a better place than Ras Al Khaimah for that dream to come true – not too far from Dubai but not too close either. The perfect getaway for friends, families, work celebrations or even remote working. Cloud7 Camp Jebel Jais and Cloud7 Camp AlSawan are the first 2 steps of a long journey.”

The Cloud7 Brand

After the successful opening of Cloud7 Residences in Ayla Aqaba in the thick of the slowdown caused by the pandemic last summer, Kerten Hospitality, a mixed-use and lifestyle operator, adds to its portfolio: 2 unique projects in Ras Al Khaimah, in the mountainous area of Jebel Jais and in the sand dunes of AlSawan. While both put the local community at the core of this Ecosystem offering nature exploration, an immersive heritage and unparalleled experiences, AlSawan will be the place where eco-farming and desert farming will gather agrarian enthusiasts to grow fresh produce. At Jebel Jais, thrill-seekers and hikers will enjoy a glimpse of the mountain views and trekking paths. Cloud7, a Kerten Hospitality lifestyle brand born 5 years ago, has been chosen recently in the GCC region for the most unique projects done jointly with owners who have a new-age hospitality vision.

Sustainability, Eco-tourism & Community-centric Entrepreneurship

Younis Al Dawoodi, General Manager of Kerten Hospitality’s Glamping Projects, said “We are proud to announce our unique projects Cloud7 Camp Jebel Jais and Cloud7 Camp AlSawan which will empower the local community and entrepreneurship and will provide city getaways in 2 exotic destinations revolving around a return to our roots whilst showcasing to visitors a glimpse of the authentic Emirati hospitality and bedouin heritage. The former, known for its mountainous weather and tranquillity will be the spot for thrill-seekers and camp AlSawan will demonstrate how we can create self-sustainable glamping retreats.”

Unique Glamping

Kerten Hospitality’s unique glamorous camping project in the UAE are created around the key pillars of the organisation: to support Locality, to contribute to the growth of eco-tourism and to craft a destination that combines a strong cultural heritage in an exclusive environment that will be frequented by adventurers, thrill-seekers, residents and tourists seeking to explore the true sense of sustainable hospitality and environmental responsibility by engaging the local community.

Sharing a glimpse of spectacular mountain views, diverse Ecosystem that allow authentic adrenaline-rush experiences across the winding hiking trails, Cloud7 Camp Jebel Jais will be the most coveted spot for staycations nestled in the heart of a hiking hotspot where adventurous hikers and holidaymakers will learn more about the local Flora and Fauna. Accommodation in 30 units built out of sustainable material with luxury amenities will host guests in the cool mountainous area away from the city pollution and amidst abundant wildlife. At AlSawan, 60 units will be welcoming guests who are ready to become farmers for a day experiencing the local agriculture whilst exploring the beauty of the desert.

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