Kerten Hospitality launches their first female-led, purpose-driven Global Gelato Brand: Nakhati

Saudi Eman Fallatah is the driving force behind the premium gelato brand. Born in Jeddah and now living in Riyadh, Eman originally had a secret love for food, but her family initially did not approve. She quit her day job and followed her passion. Today, she is a successful food entrepreneur and is on a mission to support homegrown talent, especially women. Nakhati concept store serves Saudi-inspired ice cream – think rose, saffron and honey flavours – and was not only developed by women but is run by women. Plus, you can check out art exhibitions or join business workshops. Here’s the scoop.

What can visitors expect from Nakhati in Riyadh?

A delicious gelato! The concept is to serve people handmade premium gelato, made with passion and love. They can see the culture and feel the authenticity in each scoop. We are working with local builders, artists and have a purpose with our brand. We are trying to create a community centre – we have a business hub, workshops and collaborate with artists. At its core, you’ll find gelato but we have so many ways to support the community.

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