Kerten Hospitality’s CEO on Forbes 2023 List

The travel and tourism industry in the Arab world has been a major contributor to the region’s economic growth and development, with the region emerging globally as a world-class destination. Dubai has become a hub for tourism, and in recent years Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, and Abu Dhabi have invested heavily in the sector, Forbes writes in announcing their Top 100 Travel & Tourism Leaders 2023 List.

In Forbes 2023 list of the most influential leaders in the region’s travel and tourism industry, hospitality companies and hotels and resorts dominate with 59 entries, followed by aviation (airlines and airports) with 31 entries. This year, there are also eight entries from tourism authorities. Leaders from over 33 nationalities feature on the list, with Emiratis leading with 16 entries, followed by 12 Saudis, and 10 British nationals. Kerten Hospitality’s CEO Marloes Knippenberg is recognise din this year’s list.

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