Kerten Hospitality’s Remote-ship wins at Future Workplace Awards 2020

In the epicenter of the Work-from-Home shift triggered by the global pandemic, Kerten Hospitality, a mixed-use services, and projects operator, launched its Remoteship program that allowed driven students to meet their graduation requirements, get hands-on experience, learn from a team of hospitality disrupters and support the Group’s pipeline of growth.

Kerten’s ethos to identify a market demand by listening to stakeholders’ needs and to act on them brought to life the win-win internship program that supports the future generation of hoteliers and helps accelerate the Group’s projects growth in the thick of the global standstill.

In summarizing the idea behind the Remote-ship, Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, said, “As a company that specializes in mixed-use and boutique brands our needs and ways of working are very different than the traditional legacy hotel operations. We require an innovative mindset, operational agility, and a pool of talent that quickly adapts and embraces new challenges and turns them into opportunities during the toughest times for the industry. It is essential for us to embrace the Remote-ship and continue to support the young generation who contribute to our footprint growth globally.”

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