Knippenberg, Kerten Hospitality march to new beat

The pandemic has accelerated acceptance of Kerten Hospitality’s concepts because developer’s views are evolving more quickly, more readily accepting of a hub-like concept with multiple facets.

“People came back to us saying, ‘can you tell us one more time what you believe it is people want to do and how we can really look at our assets? Then create something that brings in ROI for the long term and not just for a couple of years,’” Knippenberg was quoted saying in a recent article published in Hotels magazine.

Couple this forward-thinking approach with accelerated signings and the group is gaining more notoriety than many brands across the globe.

Every project places a big emphasis on embedding Kerten Hospitality’s inclusive philosophies and an increasingly process-driven approach to an ESG-focused platform emphasizing sustainability, promoting women in hospitality, and supporting the new entrepreneurial generation in its markets.

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