Marloes highlights the importance of ESG Ecosystems in real estate

In a recent interview with Invest Gate, Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality highlights the need for a shift towards ESG investments, operations and Ecosystems.

She shares insights about the rollout of the Group’s ESG-focused ethos across all properties, pipeline of developments as well as operations – a strategy that centers around Locality, support for the communities around projects and an embrace of a more sustainable operations mode.

You have talked a lot about the importance of investing in EGS, how is it applied at Kerten Hospitality?

Across our footprint we apply our ESG-focused ethos across all properties, pipeline of developments as well as operations. Based on the Butterfly effect – small actions, especially done by many prompt global change & impact.

UBBU which stands for United. Building a Better Universe is part of our DNA, from the first engagement on a project that is ongoing. It is part of our processes and company culture, and we are stepping up to drive this more significantly through our teams, partners, suppliers and the community with the main focus on locality.

Due to our commitment to collaborate with ESG-orientated organizations, we have been certified by the UN-backed PRI Principles for Responsible Investment – the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment.

As co-chairs of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge – a global innovation challenge that involves over 30 top tier hospitality schools – we have brought the innovation in sustainability closer to hospitality decision- makers working closely with the investment community to turn sustainability-focused projects into reality. We have given our ESG strategy a name welcoming all organization willing to make a change beyond the Talk and embrace this as a mode of operation.

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