No Success for Sustainability in Silos

We know that we can’t truly achieve sustainability and transform the industry in a silo. Meaningful collaborations supported by insights from the whole hospitality ecosystem that lead to a positive impact are pivotal for the global sustainability roadmap. The essence is in the action taken by multigenerational and multidisciplinary engagements with a purpose, says Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, in an interview with Hotel Owner.

The topic of the discussion revolves around the Group’s new partnership with The Sustainability Hospitality Allowance (SHA) and explains the importance of increasing sustainability efforts in the present climate. The pan-industry table talks between sustainability advocates, the young generation of leaders and decision-makers have demonstrated results that benefit all. Global mindsets, a greater pool of resources and investments that ensure scale delivers a better result. There are always fresh and evolutionary concepts, more efficient ways to do things, especially in times of technological advancement, digitalization and it is the hoteliers and the industry leaders that are finding these new sustainable methods.

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