Reimagining the future of “sustainable” hospitality with a 2050 mindset

The finalists of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge (SHC) have been announced after a jury of C-level industry decision-makers reviewed 17 innovative concepts submitted by the world’s leading hospitality schools. The winner of this year’s challenge will present their innovative sustainability project at the flagship industry forum FHS in Dubai, from September 19-21, 2022.

SHC is a Hotelschool The Hague initiative that aims to enhance the evolution of sustainable hospitality, foster innovation driven by the leaders of tomorrow and nurture talent on a global scale by bringing it close to industry organizations who want to reimagine the future of hospitality.

Established as a platform that challenges innovative hospitality approaches for the last seven years, SHC has evolved into a global knowledge-based initiative supported by the world’s best-known hospitality brands, global hospitality project developers, and smart cities.

The students were tasked with developing solutions under the theme ‘Remote’, which was inspired by the principal sponsor NEOM, a region in northwest Saudi Arabia being built from the ground up and a development that will be a new model for sustainable living.

Ambassador and jury member of SHC, Marloes Knippenberg, CEO Kerten Hospitality said, “It is the next generations who lead and push for change, as it is their future we are talking about. The ideas we are presented with round after round are mind-blowing, yet so practical and doable. The world is transforming towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and well-being-focused Community, and so is our industry.

Stakeholders – guests, team, developers, owners, operators, and (semi-)government entities – are all working on being part of an ecosystem that is driven by collaboration and a sense of belonging and community. Values change over generations, and this generation is not any different than the ones before, however it does have one greater challenge than we did: It needs to reset the globe, bring people together, and find REMOTE locations to spread to, cherish, nurture and ease the negative impact we are having on the globe and on the future every day. I am honoured to be part of this, and after every round, I have the greater belief that by collaborating cross-generational, we can make that difference!”

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