Tatweer Misr Build Sustainable Cities

Tatweer Misr, Egypt’s second largest developer in Egypt, has forged partnership with Huawei Technologies Egypt that will foster the build of a fully-connected smart world grounded on sustainable cities and technology innovation. The new partnership will help build a fully connected smart world and empower all their projects in the country.

Kerten Hospitality is Tatweer Misr’s hospitality partner in 3 of their flagship developments in Egypt: Fouka Bay, Il Monte Galala as well as Bloomfields – three large-scale mixed-use projects located in different locations. Sustainable cities and technological solutions would be the win-win opportunity for developers/business owners and residents as the innovative “smart cities” would result into a 50% increase in the energy consumption efficiency and a 30% cut back in operational and maintenance costs.

Read the article here: https://invest-gate.me/news/tatweer-misr-with-huawei-tech-egypt-to-launch-sustainable-smart-cities/

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