Tatweer Misr’s lifestyle partner seeks to contribute to the ESG landscape in Egypt

With over 40 projects worldwide, one of which is soon opening in Egypt’s new area Il Monte Galala, Kerten Hospitality is ongoing with its global footprint expansion. In an exclusive interview with Invest Gate, Kerten Hospitality’s COO Wafik Youssef focuses on the real estate opportunities in Egypt, highlighting the potential for growth in the country, and hinting to the group’s interest to expand further.

In our interview, we focus on how a mixed-use, ESG and lifestyle operator, such as Kerten Hospitality, is turning the hospitality landscape in Egypt 1800 degrees.

How does Kerten Hospitality standout in the local market in Egypt?

We are a mixed-use, ESG and lifestyle operator with a community- centric approach to building lifestyle destinations. We create a destination with a short term and long-term stay component in collaboration with retail, health, wellness entertainment and food and beverage brands.

We are flexible and don’t go by brand standards – which is the typical approach of any hotel company. We choose to go by brand guidelines and bring existing assets or new ones to life regardless of their size and location. We approach all our projects from a mixed-use perspective – with multiple components for short or long stay, hotel or residence, food & beverage, and workspaces with a social/business hub, etc.

We bring together mixed-use facilities that create a holistic ecosystem or a community fitting both local and international guests. Our unique approach is linked to the way we work with every owner in ensuring we create a project that maximizes the space and becomes a hub.

This helps us drive greater profitability per square foot, which exceeds the benchmark of other brands. Whilst the majority of the other industry players stick to a certain size, standards, or style, we look at all aspects and bring them all to life holistically.

Our standards are limitless. In fact, our current pipeline includes 40 projects globally with each being a different size – our mixed-use projects vary from 17 rooms to 2000 rooms.

And as we start rolling out our ESG roadmap across our teams and properties, we are going to reinforce our commitments from the very first engagement in each project. Our ESG initiative UBBU is part of our company ethos, and we are going to drive this more significantly through our teams, partners, suppliers, and the community with the focus on locality. This is where we really standout. We simply walk the talk.

Read the interview here: https://invest-gate.me/features/kerten-hospitalitys-1st-project-to-open-in-egypt-soon/

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