Workcations and New Age hotels

As hospitality experts will go on to say in this Cover feature of Hotelier, it presents an immense opportunity for hotels. The idea of a ‘workation ( ’ is an increasingly appealing one – to work in a comfortable hotel that boosts creativity, boasts space and still gives that vital disconnect from where you relax at home. Wafik Youssef, Kerten Hospitality COO says: “The key is the dynamic link to the local community in a city. There is a similar trend in lobbies that have multi-purpose spaces curated to meet the demand of a new generation of travellers who seek a new type of accommodation. One that allows them to blend business with pleasure from a single location. While offering a variety of cuisines, ease and flexibility of services as well as a family-like atmosphere in which things get delivered.

“We are turning our lobbies into inspiring, work-friendly zones for both our guests and the surrounding neighbourhood of locals as well as international travellers.
“Stepping in the lobby, feels like entering someone’s living room with staff, guests and residents exploring this new age of hospitality.”

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