Master Mentoring with a spin

Mentorship is at the heart of every Chef’s DNA and I make no difference. I like spotting and nurturing young creative minds and seeing them grow their talent. One of the greatest parts in the kitchen is team work and this is always the first thing we all learn cooking as a team and inspire each other for culinary success. Some of the most delicious items in any restaurant are born out of team work, seasonal ingredients and passion for cooking.

This is what I discovered during the workshop with aspiring young chefs in Georgia recently. We took a very traditional Spanish dish and took it on a journey eastwards using the local herbs and ingredients in Tbilisi.

The result was a perfectly mixed gazpacho soup with burrata – one of the summer month’s favourite dishes known for being light, fresh and pretty healthy. The best part of the workshop were the creative ideas flowing left, right and center. I learnt a lot from a group of young people and I cannot wait to be back in the kitchen with them.

The creative mix of herbs, fresh local produce and young talent has created a feast for the expert gourmand or the curious foodie. The workshop with those eager to learn youth has taught me a lot and I am eager to go back to Tbilisi for more collaboration, kitchen stories exchange and prepare dishes alongside the future generation of Chefs.

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