Seasonal Food for Better Well-being

Nowadays we have the access to various food products throughout the year!  Regardless of the place you reside, you can find products originating from all over the world. On the one hand, it is great that our world has become a global village enabling greater opportunities and variety of cuisines. However, on the other hand, and this is strictly my personal opinion, buying seasonal products and preferably the ones coming from the local farmers and markets is the best way to shop and eat.
Seasonal products are available in the market during a certain season and for a limited time. During this season, such products and ingredients are in their best condition; they are fresh and you can feel their REAL TASTE! The products are grown naturally and that is why at the time I buy them. I prefer to wait until the moment a product is in its best condition and purchase it according to seasonality.
It is important to note that farmers who grow the products are an important part of the food chain. Without them, the gastronomy world will not exist. My belief is to always support local suppliers! When buying food and ingredients locally – you know where the food comes from. Since farmers do not produce in large amounts like big factories, they truly take care of the quality and freshness of their products.
Collaborations between chefs and local farmers support our well-being and sustainable journey. Respect food, the quality of the products and this is how you can also save the planet.

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