“Healthy products”, “wellness” etc and many other variations of the forms with the word “healthy” – is what we see, hear and read everywhere today.

I believe that health and wellness is all about balance. Personally, I feel a lot more conscious about the origin of a product, the way it was grown and other such factors rather than if a particular product is considered “just healthy”.

Processed food is “the worst of our enemies” in this particular war. When it becomes necessary to read the box and find out what a product is made of, the start does not look promising… Exhibit one: Let’s compare real butter and margarines. About 95% of people would say that margarines are healthier than butter because they contain Omega-3, spare you from cholesterol pile up, etc. But if I tell you that the products used in unsaturated fats to produce a solid “piece” of spread for your morning toast is far worse than butter. In such cases you may re-think the notion of healthy.  In a nutshell, what I mean here is that natural things are the healthy options. The less processed an ingredient is, the “healthier” it is to consume.

Secondly, comes BALANCE in our food consumption! We are the ones who decide what we eat and how frequently we indulge in our favourite dishes, snacks and temptations. It is our choice to be healthy or not.

COOKING your own food is the perfect way to become “healthy”. When I cook the food from natural products and, important to mention, cooking with a balance: olive oil, butter, sugar, salt, and other possible add-ons that I use  – I really know what is inside of a dish, and what I am feeding others with. This is the perfect recipe for “healthy”! The mention of healthy, means natural and organic products, seasonality and non-processed food. It is common knowledge that in seasonal products you can find the vitamins your body really needs during a particular season. That is how nature takes care of us.

Buying products at the local markets from farmers – I know where my food comes from and I could see who has produced the food I am getting. I know it could be a really difficult exercise but it is worth a try. Cook, eat, and exercise (also your mind)!!Everything in life is good when you are doing it with a balance!

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